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 Company Profile

Name Filgen, Inc.
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Establishment December 13, 2004
Capital 40mil. yen
Settlement Term 31st October
Head Office Adress:
 1-1409, jonoyama, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-pref. 459-8011 Japan

Phone +81-52-624-4388 Fax +81-52-624-4389
Directors President & CEO Hidekatsu Yoneda
Director & CTO Manabu Harada
Outside Director Yasuhiro Sakai(Takeshiro co., Ltd. President)
Auditor         Ayano Yoneda
Bankers Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, kamimaezu Branch
The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.  Narumi Branch
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Okazaki Ekimae Branch
The Okazaki Shinkin Bank, Narumi Branch
*Alphabetical order
Organization chart Board of directors
-President & CEO
--Director & CTO
---General Affairs Department
---Reagent & Scientific Instrument Department
----Bioscience Division
----Nanoscience Division
---Bioinformatics Department
---Contract Analysis Service Department
Activities Development, manufacturing, and sales of science research equipment
Contract analysis service in the field of bioscience
Import and sale of research reagents, bioinformatics software, equipment and consumables
Business authorization registration Poison deleterious substance sales industry registration
 (Registration number:名薬第1300号)
Poison deleterious substance import business registration
 (Registration number:東海第10142号)
Raw material of a drug importer business report acceptance certificate.
 (Certificate number:愛知第51-188号)
Lab Equipment
Production facility

Affymetrix GeneChip® Scanner 3000 7G System(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
GenePix®4100A(Molecular Device)
Real-time PCR System ABI7500(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Simple Western System Wes(Protein Simple)
BioAnalyzer Agilent2100(Agilent)
Ella(Protein Simple)
SpectraMax(Molecular Device)
Gel Illuminator FASⅢ
Bio-Plex Suspension Array System 2000(BioRad)
MESO QuickPlex SQ 120(Meso Scale Discovery)
Single cell multi-omics Platform Tapestri(Mission bio)
WOLF® Cell Sorter(NanoCellect Biomedical)
N1® Single Cell Dispenser(NanoCellect Biomedical)
TM Bio (Rheolution)
3D Bioprinter(Allevi)
Digital Microscope B-290TB(OPTIKA)
2D Heterostructure Transfer System(HQ Graphene)
UV Ozone Cleaner(Filgen)
L-B filem deposition system(Filgen)
Vacuum stain Equipment(Filgen)
Osmium Plasma Coater(Filgen)
Ultra microtome
Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-6320F
Transmission electron microscope JEM-2000EX
Transmission electron microscope H-7600
clean bench
fume hood
Ultra Pure Lab Water systems
Various bio-experimental devices
Various precision-instruments production facilities
Biohazard Control Facility(BSL2/Biosafety Level2 Laboratory)
Various Bioinformatics Software

Inquiries P.+81-52-624-4388
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