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Contract Service
Scientific Instrument
Bioinformatics Software

Scientific Instruments
- UV Ozone Cleaner
- Osmium Plasma Coater
- Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

Products/About Us

We import and sell our suppliers' product & services, and/or provide bioscience analysis services in our own laboratories.

Contract Service

We provide services that utilize analysis technology in the bioscience field.
We provide analyasis services carried out in our own laboratories, or out in cooperation with overseas partners. It supports a wide range of applications that are effective for biomarker discovery, and drag discovery, and disease research such as cancer research and autoimmune deseases.
For example…
・real time PCR
・Microarray (e.g. Gene expression)
・Next-generation seuquencing
・Mass spectrometry (e.g. Proteomics, Metabolomics)
・Immunoassay (e.g. ELISA, western blotting, other biomarker discovery)
・Microscopic imaging

Scientific Instrument

We import evolutional scientific instruments to make the cutting-edge technologies available for researchers in Japan. Localized documentations and technical support are quite important for researchers to get full advantages of those technologies. We can cover from sales to after-sales support including training and technical support. We also manufacture unique instruments. Please refer to "Global" section for the details.

UV Ozone cleaner  UV O3 Cleaner Osmium Plasma Coater  Osmium Coater


We import research reagents, materials and consumables to support Japanese researchers. We have a lineup of products related to life sciences, biochemicals, and nanomaterials from all over the world.
For example…
・PCR/Real time PCR Kit
・NGS Panel
・Carbon Materials (e.g. CNT, Graphene, Fullerene)
・Quantum Dots (e.g. Perovskite, PbS, Cd compound)
・2D materials (e.g. MoS2, Graphite, CVD)
・Inorganic and Metallic nanomaterials

Bioinformatics Software

We procure bioinformatics software for research and development from all over the world. In addition, we offer technical support in Japanese and webinars to provide high-quality excellent support.

We Provide our own brand instruments in Japan and some foreign countries such as USA and China. Our product line includes osmium plasma coaters, UV ozone cleaners and vacuum electron staining apparatus. All of these are robust and achieve high level of safety.
Overseas supplier relationship
Sample Prep. Equipment for Electron Microscope
Osmium Plasma Coater

Deposit osumium film or Plasma polymerized film on SEM and TEM specimen. Time and film thickness are configurable so that you can get good film with high reproducibility.
Osmium Plasma Coater  Osmium Coater
Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

Our unique vacuum electron staining method provides a new age for electron staining. With this novel method, TEM/SEM samples can be stained easily, safely and reproducibly.

Surface Cleaning Equipment / Surface Reforming Equipment
UV Ozone Cleaner

Our UV Ozone Cleaner removes organic contaminants from sample surface. This cleaning method is dry and sample will not be damaged. Various models are available. You can select size, the type of UV lamp.
UV Ozone cleaner  UV O3 Cleaner

Inquiries Reagent & Scientific Instrument Dept.: P.+81-52-624-4388
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