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Scientific Instruments

UV Ozone Cleaner
Osmium Plasma Coater
Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

Scientific Instruments / Own brand products

Electron Microscope Peripheral Equipment
Osmium Plasma Coater

Osmium coating device for SEM and TEM specimen.
Osmium Plasma Coater  Osmium Coater
Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

By an original vacuum electron staining method, the electronic staining of TEM/SEM samples can be performed safely and reproducibly.

Surface Cleaning Equipment / Surface reforming Equipment
UV Ozone Cleaner

Our UV Ozone Cleaner uses the dry method and does not damage samples. It can remove the organic contaminations that stick to the substrates by a photochemical oxidation resolution process.
UV Ozone cleaner  UV O3 Cleaner

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