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UV Ozone Cleaner
Osmium Plasma Coater
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Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

Conductive thin film production device for electron microscope sample preparation
Osmium Plasma Coater
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Osmium Plasma Coater(OPC) is the plasma coating device that uses the DC glow discharge method to coat conductive thin film mainly for SEM samples.
オスミウム・プラズマコーター オスミウムコーター


Osmium reservoir transport container

This is a dedicated transport container for the Osmium reservoir.

・All stainless steel
・High air-tightness (0.02Mpa in pressure test)
・Specially designed cushioning material that firmly covers the reservoir.
・Dual-use for transportation and strage

The packing procedure is easy as follows.
※The cushioning material needs to be replaced regularly.

①Put the reservoir into the transport container. ②Cover the reservoir with the cushioning material. ③Close the lid with 10 screws.

Product Reservoir transport container
Model RVT-1
Dimension 198(W)×118(L)×102(H)mm
Weight 2.2kg
Price Ask for a quote

Dedicated vacuum grease for O-ring(0.5ml)

The vacuum grease for the O-ring of the Osmium plasma coater.

・It has excellent durability against highly reactive gases such as Osmium tetroxide and Ruthenium tetroxide.
・It can be used for O-ring replacement and movable parts of the reservoir.

Product Vacuum grease for O-ring (0.5ml)
Model VS-GR
Price Ask for a quote

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