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UV Ozone Cleaner
Osmium Plasma Coater
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Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

Conductive thin film production device for electron microscope sample preparation
Osmium Plasma Coater
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Osmium Plasma Coater(OPC) is the plasma coating device that uses the DC glow discharge method to coat conductive thin film mainly for SEM samples.
オスミウム・プラズマコーター オスミウムコーター

Contract Service of Film Coating

Thickness of the film(nm) Cat.#  Price
Osmium Plasma Coating 0.5~3 F-UT-1 Ask for a quote
4~15 F-OS-1 Ask for a quote
16~100 F-OS-2 Ask for a quote
101~300 F-OS-3 Ask for a quote
Plasma-polymerized Film
1~15 F-NF-1 Ask for a quote
16~200 F-NF-2 Ask for a quote
201~700 F-NF-3 Ask for a quote
 ※The maximum sample size is 44(W)×44(D)×4(H)mm or 32(φ)×14(H)mm.
   Please contact us for details.

Inquiries Reagent & Scientific Instrument Dept.: P.+81-52-624-4388
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