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UV Ozone Cleaner
Osmium Plasma Coater
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Vacuum Electron Staining Apparatus

Conductive thin film production device for electron microscope sample preparation
Osmium Plasma Coater
Product details/Lineup/Accessories/Technical data/Contract service/Maintenance
Touch Panel Models/Standard Models/Model with option mechanism (Conductive ultra-thin film/Hydrophilization treatment/Deep sample)

Osmium Plasma Coater (OPC) is the plasma coating device that uses the D.C. glow discharge method to coat conductive thin film mainly for SEM samples.

*OPC60A (switch type) will be discontinued from production and sales as of November 2023. Maintenance, repairs and other support will continue to be handled (scheduled to end in 2033).
*If you are considering upgrading to the successor model OPC-EVO , please contact us. 

Deep sample mechanism

Deep sample mechanism can be optionally installed on standard type.
In addition, it is possible to attach an option to a device(compatible model) that has already been used.
When the deep sample mechanism is optionally attached to the standard type, the OPC60A can be used for samples up to 36mmφ×44mm(H), and the OPC80T can be used for samples 46mmφ×44mm(H).

The external dimensions and weight of the main unit change with the optional installation.(Please contact us for details.)

Comparison of Deep sample mechanism mounted type and Standard type cathode plates

Deep sample mechanism mounted type
Standards type
Enlarged picture of the electrode part of OPC60AG(Deep sample mechanism mounting type)
Supports up to 36mmφ×44mm(H) samples
Enlarged picture of the electrode part of OPC60A(standard type)
Supports up to φ×14mm(H)


【Price When installing an optional mechanism at the same time as purchasing a new divice】
Optional mechanism Compatible models Model name
after mounting option
Deep sample mechanism OPC80T OPC80T-G Ask for a quote
OPC60A OPC60A-G Discontinued

【Price when installing the optional mechanism on the device already delivered】
Optional mechanism Compatible models Model name
after mounting option
Deep sample mechanism OPC80/OPC80T OPC80-G/OPC80T-G Ask for a quote
OPC60/OPC60A OPC60-G/OPC60A-G Discontinued
If you want to add an optional mechanism to the delivered device, we will send you a cardboard or alminum case for packing. Please put it in and send it back.

Inquiries Reagent & Scientific Instrument Dept.: P.+81-52-624-4388
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